Monthly Print Competition Rules

These rules are intended to be consistent with the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4C's) rules as stated in the Gold Book which is available at the 4C's website under Documents.

Competition serves two primary purposes. First, it allows you to gauge how you are progressing as a photographer. Second, it provides a forum for viewing a wide range of images, which is important to the learning process. The club encourages each member to submit new entries frequently and not submit similar entries repeatedly.

Global Rules:

Print competitions are the 1st Tuesdays of each month. Submission limit is 8 prints per month plus up to 8 make-ups:

††††††††† 2 Large Color

††††††††† 2 Small Color

††††††††† 2 Large Mono

††††††††† 2 Small Mono

††††††††† See below for definitions of †"Large", "Small", "Color", "Mono" and "Make-ups".

Any print in a given competition category that has not won an award (Film Pack or 4C's) may be re-entered in the same category in future competitions, but not during the following 4 calendar months. Any print that has received an award (Film Pack or 4C's) is not eligible to be re-entered at anytime in the same category.

A print can be entered into 2 categories (Color,Mono) within the same competition year. A print cannot be entered into 2 classes (Large,Small) within the same category in a competition year. Example: You can enter the same print as a large color and a small mono in the same competition year. You cannot enter the same print into large color and small color in the same competition year.

Make-up prints may be entered for up to the previous two months missed. Make-up prints are† limited to two prints in each of the 4 category/class competitions per month.

Competition Categories: Monochrome & Color

Category Monochrome:

Monochrome prints normally consist of only black and all shades of grey to white. Toning is allowed, but must cover the entire image and be of a single color; e.g. sepia or blue toning. Prints with spot color, selective color, or prints colored with two or more colors must be entered in the Color Print Category.

Category Color:

All prints not categorized as monochrome are considered to be in the Color Print Category.

Competition Classes:Large & Small

There are two considerations when determining if a print fits into the Large or Small Print Class: the print size and the mounting board size. Mat or boarder is the margin around a print when a print is smaller than the size of the mounting board.

Large Print Class

The minimum size of the Large Print must be at least 80 square inches and no larger than 320 square inches with the longest dimension not exceeding 20 inches.

The mounting board must be greater than 96 square inches and must not exceed 320 square inches with the longest dimension not exceeding 20 inches.

Click Here To See Large Print Illustration

Small Print Class

The minimum size of Small Prints must be at least 35 square inches. The print itself must not be less than 35 square inches. With mounting it cannot exceed 96 square inches.

Click Here To See Small Print Illustration


The mounting board must be at least 35 square inches but not more than 96 square inches with the longest dimension not exceeding 20 inches.

All prints must be mounted (fixed to a hard, lightweight backing like mat board or foam core) No framed images will be accepted. You may have your edited digital files printed and mounted by a 3rd party.

A Columbia Council Of Camera Club (4C's) print label must be completed and legible. Hold the print in the correct viewing orientation.† On the back of the print place the label in the upper left hand corner of the mounting board when viewed from the back. This insures the print handlers know the correct orientation of the picture. Labels can be printed on Avery form 5163/8163.

Click Here To Print Labels Avery 5162/8163

Panaoramic prints must be not longer than 20 inches on the long side and meet the square inch requirement of either the small or large categories.

No writing is permitted on the front of the print. (e.g. titles, names, signatures, etc.)

Anything affixed to the mountís back like hanging devices or Velcro tabs may damage other prints when stacked and shipped are not accepted.

Returning Prints:

Prints not selected to go on to 4C's competitions will be returned to the maker the following month the club meets for print competition. Prints that are sent on to 4C's will not be returned until after the next 4C's convention.