Monthly Electronic Imaging Division (EID) Competition:

These rules are intended to be consistent with the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4C's) rules as stated in the Gold Book which is available at the 4C's website under Documents.

Competition serves two primary purposes. First, it allows you to gauge how you are progressing as a photographer. Second, it provides a forum for viewing a wide range of images, which is important to the learning process. The club encourages each member to submit new entries frequently and not submit similar entries repeatedly.

EID nights have two categories: Open and Monochrome.

  • The Open Category is intended to be inclusive of a variety of image genre such as landscapes, action, sports, street photography, people, wildlife, flowers, abstracts, as well as digitally enhance creative images.

  • Monochrome is defined to consist of only white and black, as well as all shades of gray in between. Toning is allowed, but must cover the entire image and be of a single color; e.g. sepia toning.

You can submit up to 3 total EID images:

  • Two Open

  • One Monochrome

Email EID images to by midnight the Sunday before the third Tuesday of each month.

EID images format requirements are consistant with the resolution of late model digital projectors and monitors.

FPCC EID file sizes have no limitations. 4Cs does impose a 1mb file size limit for images submitted by clubs for the monthly 4Cs EID and 4Cs individual EID competition. You have the choice to limit your file size to 1mb incase they move on to 4Cs, or you can rely upon FPCC EID Chair to make the size adjustment before it is sent on to 4Cs. PSA has no file size restrictions. The sRGB color space works best with our projector and monitor.

Use the Club file name convention to label images you enter into competitions. This convention helps competition organizers prepare score sheets and related documents for events at club, regional, and national competitions.

Images that have received an award (Award of Merit or Honorable Mention) in any previous 4Cs' competition year are not eligible to be re-entered at anytime in the same Category.

The image filename convention is:

  • "FirstLastname_FPCC_Title_Category.jpg"

    • Your name needs to be consistant all year. It will be used to tally total scores by individual. Don Smith and Donald Smith would be tallied as two dirrerent people.

    • The fist letter of each word is uppercase to delimit each word.

    • "FPCC" stands for Film Pack Camera Club and is included to differentiate your image from other clubs if your image is entered in competitions such as Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs) or Photographic Society of America (PSA).

    • "Title" is the name you chose to give to the image. Shorter is better. Keep titles to less than 28 characters as there is a limit for field sizes in processing on the computer. There should be no blanks and spaces.

    • Categories are designated by "O" for Open and "M" for Monochrome.

    • Use an underscore between segments of the file name. Do not use spaces or "dashes" in creating your file names.

  • Here are two examples:

    • JaneDoe_FPCC_PrettyBird_O.jpg.

    • JohnDoe_FPCC_PitcherAndPear_M.jpg

You can make-up both Open and Monochrome Categories. Only one Mono and two Open category EID images can be made-up at one time and must be entered within two months of the missed meeting.